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Achieving the Calm Healthy Horse

Learn exactly what it is about the pasture that impacts the health, movement and behaviour of the domestic horse, why it matters and the best solutions...
Click here (or on the picture below) for Grass & the Domestic Horse video
(50mins so grab a cup of coffee!)


Click here for  Australian version of Grass and the Domestic Horse


Calm Healthy Horses addresses the issues affecting domestic horses as MANAGEMENT issues not HORSE issues.

Horses are adapted to, and thrive in, semi-arid (DRY) environments (as explained in the above video!); it is by removing them to more temperate climates and confining them to small areas, thereby subjecting them to unsuitable forage & feed, that causes the health, movement & behaviour issues that have become so rampant.


EMS, Pasture-Associated Laminitis, Head-Shaking/Flicking (HS), Sacro-Iliac, PSSM, Staggers, Explosive, Aggressive, Spooky Behaviour plus many more ‘symptoms’ listed on the Health Check ALL resolve when the horse’s environment and forage and feed are rectified.

Fluctuations in the weather, the seasons, application of fertilisers pasture management strategies all influence the nutrient composition of the pasture grass which ultimately affects the metabolism of the horse.


Understanding and acting on the information on this website will be a game changer for achieving your riding and breeding ambitions.

Dr Deb Bennett Ph.D.

Has written a magnificent 3 volume set of books:

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The answer is not about getting

the horse right

but about

getting it right for the horse

Observe ~ Compare ~ Adjust ~ Review!

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