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PLEASE NOTE this is for NZ Orders Only

Australian orders email: Vicky - (ShipShape)

UK orders email:  Sue - (ShipShape)

A bio-available source of protein with a pre-biotic.
Formulated for horses who need to avoid potassium-rich protein meals.


Initially feed ShapeUp with Premium NZ Horse Minerals

When desired weight and top-line have been achieved, replace these two with the one product:
Premium MVA (Minerals, Vitamins & Amino Acids)

 Formulated for horses who:

·         have had a nutritional setback

·         have difficulty maintaining top-line

·         have a workload that demands higher protein intake

·         are competing or racing

·         are breeding, pregnant, lactating or growing

·         are suffering age-related loss of muscle tone

·         need to avoid potassium-rich sources of protein


PriceFrom $69.85
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