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Ultra-absorbable organic magnesium and boron.
Relieves anxiety for ease of handling for any times of stress:

  • Attending events or competitions
  • Standing starts at harness races
  • All aspects of race-day
  • Hunting, endurance and trekking
  • Being started (broken in)
  • Showing signs of muscle tightness, anxiety, excitability

Alleviate is best for short term use whilst Alleviate C is ideal for long term use.


PriceFrom $55.00
  • Anything other than peacefully grazing or loafing around the paddock is potentially stressful to horses.

    The threshold at which they become stressed and how quickly they chill out again can depend on their magnesium levels.

    As magnesium plays an integral role in nerve relaxation, brain function and muscle release it becomes obvious how important it is. In fact magnesium has at least 350 different jobs to do in the body so is constantly used up and needs to be replenished daily - multiple times to be ideal but obviously not practical so at least once a day is minimum!

    Travelling, having the teeth done, being started (or broken in), competing, racing or being sold and moved to a completely new environment all place the horse under considerable stress.

    It works extremely well to double their dose the night before and the morning thereof any such activity.

  • Why do horses become magnesium deficient so easily?
    They have a large requirement being large animals comprising approximately 80% muscle, many of them, like the long back muscles and the hamstrings, are very large. They also have extensive nervous and circulatory systems which constantly use up magnesium. In other words they have high maintenance requirements at rest let alone when in work.

    Their staple diet is more often than not, green, growing grass frequently giving rise to excess potassium in their system and this is antagonistic to magnesium absorption.

    When there is insufficient sodium in their diet the body uses up precious calcium and magnesium to excrete excess nitrates.

    What's wrong with good old mag oxide, causmag or Epsom Salts?
    The trouble is to get the same effect using these inorganic forms of magnesium you have to feed so much and then it can cause bowel troubles like diarrhea! (Both Mag Oxide & Epsom Salts (Mag Sulphate are used medically to clean out the bowel)

    Is liquid magnesium more quickly absorbed?
    There is absolutely no difference in absorbability between the liquid and the organic powder form.

    Why feed magnesium daily?
    Magnesium is in constant, high demand for multiple vital tasks in the body. There are no large storage deposits in the skeleton as there are for calcium. When there is insufficient in the daily diet the only places it can be borrowed from are muscle tissues including the heart with serious consequences. When magnesium is even temporarily unavailable in the diet then for that period, calcium cannot be deposited in the bones and teeth and the process of demineralisation begins

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