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Calm Healthy Horses Solutions

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It is a mistake to think of all the issues on the 'Grass Affected Health Check' as separate.

For example, head flicking presents very differently to laminitis but the root cause is the same.

Head flicking and laminitis involve disturbances to distinct metabolic pathways, however the same management strategies resolve both conditions and prevent them happening in the future.

It goes without saying that you need to attend to dentistry, hoof care, saddle fit, body work all need to be addressed, also your horsemanship skills, but diet and environment are fundamental and if these aren't right, all of the above will be problematic.


Horses thrive in dry environments.

If you don't already have a suitable grass free environment, we can give you ideas on how to create one. See Tracks and Dry Lots.

It is less stressful and more economical in the long run to spend money on the horses environment than to be spending on investigations, tests & treatments, wasted lessons etc, always trying to get the 'horse right'.

Investing in  a dry grass free area of some description solves the vast majority of health, movement and behaviour issues plaguing horse owners globally.

It goes without saying that we do not want to doom horses to a life time of solitary confinement  in a bare yard. Hence these areas need to be large enough for two or more horses to be able to move freely and make choices of shade and shelter.

There is a great need for more agistment/livery owners to get on board with this and to create such facilities as options for their clients.

The Challenge is ensuring a fulfilling lifestyle for horses despite our small acreages.

The ultimate 


is to create a

Grass Free area

for times when the pasture is not suitable

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