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Our new all-in-one convenient meal for horses, ponies and donkeys.
Combines the benefits of multiple products in one delicious feed!
Less time
less packets
Less waste

GOOD2GO supplies high quality daily nutrition.

Feed 150gms per 100kgs Body Weight

Good2Go 20kg will last a

400kg Horse 33 days 

500kg Horse 26 days 

600kg Horse 22 days 



excludes freight & GST

GOOD2GO 20kg X1 $134.00 + Freight & GST

GOOD2GO 20kg X 2 - 4  $131 per bag + Freight & GST
GOOD2GO 20kg  X 5 + - $126 per bag + Freight & GST

GOOD2GO 8kg X1 $66.65 + Freight & GST

*Freight Costs - click here

*Add GrazeEzy, SOS, AlleviateGold, ShapeUp or XtraCal when/if required.


That depends on the size of the horse. But roughly for a 20kg bag…
100kg horse – 133 days
200kg horse – 66 days
300kg horse – 44 days
400kg horse – 33 days
500 kg horse – 26 days ($5.93 per day inc GST)
600kg horse – 22 days



As there are no fillers in GOOD2GO it is much more of a concentrate – hence the rates of feed are a lot less.

Here are some cost comparisons...

All of the following products are less outlay but the recommended daily amounts are 2 – 4 X as many kgs/day than GOOD2GO.

 500kg horse…

GOOD2GO (20kg) is $147.20 - fed at 750gms per day …. $5.66 per day

EquiJewel (20kg) is $80 lasts 10 days - fed at 2kg per day …$8.00/day

McMillans Protein Plus (20kg) - $40.00 lasts 5 days Fed at 4.5 kg per day...$8.00 per day

McMillans Premium Plus (20kg) $45.51 lasts 5 days Fed at 5kg …..$9.10 per day

Dunstan All 4 Feet (20kg) – $69.00  lasts 1 week Fed at 3kg ……$9.85 per day

Rapid Gain – (25kg) $44.00 Lasts 6 days Fed at 4 kg ….$7.04 per day




As with all feeds be very cautious when introducing new feeds. The sugars in GOOD2GO are 4.9% and the Starch levels are less than 1% (0.7%)

We have been feeding GOOD2GO to our ex-laminitis ponies for several months with no issues but responses may differ because each horse is an individual.

Introduce slowly and monitor.
Do not feed to horses with active laminitis.



The CP content of GOOD2GO is 20.7%

A 500kg horse for maintenance needs approx. 500gms of protein per day. Being fed 750gms/day of GOOD2GO delivers 165gms of protein and this is quality protein the horse can utilise.

The remainder of his protein requirements will come from his forage – grass/hay. If the horse is in heavier work you will need to supplement more protein.


One option is to add the Just Plain GOOD – which is the same as GOOD2GO but without the salt and Premium MVA. So you can add more of this when needed for extra energy and to meet protein requirements.



Just PlainGOOD  contains everything that is in GOOD2GO without Premium MVA & salt.

This allows you to adjust quantities to suit individual requirements.
eg: if you have any over/under- weight equines.
You add Premium MVA & salt. JPG does not contain selenium - this is in the MVA.


Suitable for ALL equines. Both can be fed in conjunction with other CHH products to address grass-related issues.

IE: add your GrazeEzy etc as usual


Cost excludes freight & GST

JustPlainGood 20kg X1 $113.00 + Freight & GST
JustPlainGood 20kg X 2 - 4 $110.00 per bag + Freight & GST
JustPlainGood 20kg X 5 + - $105.00 per bag + Freight & GST
JustPlainGood 8kg X 1 $59.15 + Freight & GST

Freight for Good2Go & Just Plain Good

The 20kg sizes are available for pick up from Agvance Rolleston or Te Awamutu

Or for door to door delivery the freight cost is between $11.50 inc gst per bag to 13.80 inc gst, depending on where you live, no additional RD charges.


Merls, aged 28 is thriving on JPG and PremiumMVA

Merlot aged 28 years is thriving on a her diet of Standing hay,  Just Plain Good and  Salt & PremiumMVA


Use kitchen scales to weigh the amount in a container to suit your horse.

 For example the Greek yoghurt container weighs 750gms of G2G – the right amount for a 500kg horse.

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