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Photograph Nancy Florence, Pine Nut Wild Horse Advocates

Horses Eat Grass Don't They?

Yes but the grass we happen to have for them bears no resemblance to the grass of their natural habitats.


We have moved horses from the vast, semi-arid habitats they thrive in, where for most of the year they consume mature, stalky plants and only graze short, vegetative grass occasionally, to temperate regions of the world where fences and higher annual rainfall means short or lush green grass has become their staple diet.

Short or lush green grass has a completely different nutritional profile to the mature grass the horse’s physiology is adapted to.

Expecting horses to stay healthy in this environment is like expecting penguins to thrive in a hot tub! Yes penguins live in water but the hot tub water is nothing like the water that suits penguins.

Pine Nut Wild horses