The Grass Affected Horse

The Grass Affected horse has issues caused by ​one or more aspects of his forage and feed adversely affecting his health, movement and/or behaviour..


It is futile, and therefore a waste of time, unpleasant for the horse and potentially very risky to be trying to 'work through' any of these issues because they are not training issues, rather they are due to disturbances to his bio-chemistry.

A Grass Affected horse can not process information and is not in a learning frame of mind.

He will react, instead of respond.

Neither is it a matter of tiring the horse out (wet saddle blankets) because 'grass affected' horses do not improve with exercise. They are more likely to get in a lather and go until they drop.

We say “GRASS” affected because grass is the staple forage of most domestic horses and therefore is usually the biggest influence.

Problems are either compounded or helped by what you add, or don’t add in the way of hay, hard feeds and supplements.

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