PHOTOGRAPH of Basil, Merlot and Zephyr by Cathy Dee

Calm Healthy Horses

Health Check 

You will be amazed at some of these signs of Mineral Imbalances. Some you would never associate with diet! Symptoms may come and go - some symptoms are COMMON. This does not mean they are NORMAL!

Many of you will be thinking: “But lots of these are just ‘people’ problems”. I used to think that too but you’ll find a few simple diet changes will reduce these issues significantly or eliminate them altogether without treatments or ‘working through any issues’ whatsoever.

Download the Calm Healthy Horses CheckList 


Tick the B (for Before) column. Introduce the nutritional changes that we recommend on this site and in around 1 - 2 months, tick the A (After) column so you can monitor progress. Fill out one form for each horse.

If you follow our dietary changes and feed the correct supplements, we guarantee you will notice huge changes for the better!

Our recommendation is that you DO NOT RIDE your horse until the symptoms subside. Some horses become extremely dangerous when they are 'Grass Affected'. They can NOT help behaving in this manner - it is not their fault so there is no point in trying to work them through it.

Make a note of the type of grass/hay your horse is on, the season, which CalmHealthyHorses products you are feeding and what hard feed you are feeding. Also ensure you are adding SALT to your horses feed every day.


Take photographs and /or videos if possible of your horses issues and email or message us with them for assessment and guidance.