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We have observed over the years that the vast majority of ‘sacro iliac’ issues are actually just chemistry problems which are relatively easy to rectify by adjusting the diet.

Some horses may take longer than Amanda’s but her story and videos taken before and after show you what is possible.

We discovered this by accident because head flicking horses often also have sacro-iliac issues.


The same diet adjustments that fixed the head flicking also resolved all the other associated issues they had.

Sacro-iliac’ Issues Resolved

Amanda Heibner from Taranaki had been having 'sacro-iliac' problems with her show jumper Vinny.

She got right onto to the diet recommendations immediately after reading our facebook post about SI issues and here is her result!


‘The first part of the video was taken not long after his arrival to me.

He had had maybe 2-3 weeks on ex dairy farm type grasses. However he got worse as the weeks progressed, hated being brushed, kept trying to bite me, very aggressive around his food, and even towards us at times.

He was seriously herd bound and it was dangerous to leave him alone in the paddock. Under saddle, he was never overly spooky or explosive.

(Many people think is the only sign of being grass affected).

He was just genuinely tight and very unhappy going forward. He had no “go”, and constantly tried to buck and carry on when you asked him to do anything.

Two weeks after the first video we went show jumping and he was so bad in the warmup ring we contemplated going home. He was bunny hopping and disuniting in his canter, was noticeably aggressive towards other horses and was trying to kick out at some of them. He was distracted in the ring and although jumped well, wasn’t concentrating at all.

That night was when I saw your video about the sacroiliac problems seen in ‘grass affected’ horses and Vinny ticked every box. I went straight into Farmlands to get an emergency supply of SOS and GrazeEzy and also bought some salt.

His initial diet consisted of 2x Feeds daily: 2 Slabs of silage and a Slab of hay also 2x daily. Also had a reasonable amount of fresh green ex-dairy grass.

His feeds each consisted of:

FiberPro - 2 decent double handfuls

1kg Showtorque

500gms dry weight BetaBeet

Muscle building supplement

Because he was in work and competing I didn’t want to change everything drastically, but knew lots needed to be changed in order for me to get the results!

Immediately I switched silage for hay, so was getting 3x slabs morning and night.

Limited his grass a lot - since I wasn’t in a position to take him off grass entirely.

I still fed 500gms of BetaBeet, and the 1kg Showtorque however changed the FiberPro for the same amount of plain Meadow Chaff.

Additionally, I gave him one full scoop morning and night of AlleviateC SOS, half a scoop AM and PM of GrazeEzy, and one tablespoon of salt.

After 3 days off allowing the changes to happen I took him for a ride at a friend’s place. The change was immediate and quite dramatic. He was no longer hollowing out through his back, bunny hopped a total of twice, and did not disunite once.

My partner who was pretty sceptical of the effects of grass was impressed, but not convinced until that weekend we went show jumping again (this time with a red ribbon on his tail) where he was even better. No tricks whatsoever, was concentrating in the ring and pulled out his best rounds to date even ending up in the placings.


To say he was a different horse in just 6 days was a huge understatement.

Since then, I have upped his GrazeEzy to a full scoop morning and night and he is even better, as you can now see from the videos he is building muscle due to feeling so much better in himself and is no longer pulling tricks.

Your product is amazing, and your knowledge is even better! Without your help we would still be bunny hopping around 70 and 80cm classes however he has blossomed and within 5weeks of his 70cm show he has just jumped his first 1.10cm class with ease!

Our other two horses are now on this product also and we are seeing positive differences in them that we had always put them down to being “a bit naughty”.

Proof is in the pudding I say  “

Amanda Heibner & Vinny Taranaki.

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