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All Good, 3 Years On for Karen & her Head-Shaker Tolly!

"Some of you may have seen my post in early 2016, I was struggling with my horses behaviour, in particular head flicking during exercise, not feeling very safe around him and especially when riding him.


I had all sorts of advice from well-meaning people, did x-rays, checked absolutely everything out (teeth, back, bloods etc) several times just in case something was missed. Then I discovered the Calm Healthy Horses Facebook page and website and this was just about my last attempt to sort out my horses behaviours before he was retired at the age of 7.

I read with some scepticism about horses being 'grass affected', my brain couldn’t understand how an animal who eats grass is being affected by his main source of food. However, what did I have to lose?


I followed the advice from Jenny and Cathy to the letter, and the ongoing support since that first contact has been amazing, no question is left unanswered and what has been really important has been maintaining the routine so it becomes the norm.

Fast forward 3 years, I still keep in touch with Jenny in case I have any questions and through time and careful paddock management, I have a horse that can now eat grass under a controlled method by having him on a track system with break feeding on established grass, and using the Calm Healthy Horses supplements in his basic hard feed every day and feeding hay in a slow feed haynet.


Through the changing seasons my horses behaviour does not change and he remains consistent in his wellness and most importantly NO HEAD FLICKING.

Through the year we are now successfully competing at dressage and Working Equitation as well as enjoying pleasure riding and I know that my horse will remain calm and healthy regardless of how the grass is changing.


The only way we have maintained this over the last three years is to keep his hard feed plain, and add the Premium, GrazeEzy & AlleviateC supplements to support him.

This was not just a quick fix, this is now our way of life and it has given me the confidence in my horse and the pleasure and fun I have with makes the commitment to his wellness 100% worth it. I highly recommend the products, they literally saved my riding partnership with my horse".

Karen and Tolly



Tolly 3 years ago above and fast forward to
Tolly's recent haul of Dressage Ribbons!

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