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Fecal Water Syndrome

Toby had FWS (Fecal Water Syndrome)

Gut dysfunction can be a symptom of the same mineral imbalances which affect the skeletal nerves and muscles. If the smooth muscle of the digestive tract isn’t contracting and relaxing as it should then the passage of the digesta can be either too slow or too quick. This alters the internal environment of the gut which in turn will alter the balance of the gut flora populations (microbiome).
Anna’s gorgeous pony Toby is one example:

"Toby is a fabulous wee pony, around 11.2hh and somewhere over 16 years old.
He has been a wonderful confidence booster for both my girls and spent last season with a friend to boost her daughter’s confidence ( which of course he did!) His teeth are not great and so we really look after him feed wise and it is a bit of a juggle to keep his condition just right. He has been on Premium Minerals for some time now.
My friend commented how his tail was always dirty ( like he had runny poo).

We got him home in early May and I noticed that water would come out with his solid normal looking poo. I put it down to his digestion/teeth and put him on a digestive supplement but there was no change.

After reading your recent article on FWS I decided to try the Alleviate Gold. We put him on 2 x 10gm scoops for 3 days then adjusted down to 1 scoop. The change was obvious within a week. No more dirty tail and watery stains running down his backside!!

He is also definitely more keen to go forward and looks like he did a few years ago!

The Pics show his lovely dribble-free derriere. He is clipped there but his tail hasn’t been washed in over a week, and we live in Southland and it is wet!

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