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A Spooky Story


'For those of you who don’t know Lizzie our gorgeous ASH mare……

she has been in our family for 10 years and spent a good majority of that time as a paddock ornament due to her inability to cope with life’s demands.


She spent time at re-trainers, one year in full- time work under dressage coach, chiropractors, masseuses, saddle fits, dentists, calcium/magnesium products, gut health products, toxin binders, probiotics, hair analysis, horse communicator, you name it Lizzie has tried it. So what were I and everyone else who either met Lizzie or spoke to me about her, missing in regards to Lizzie’s mental and physical health?

PASTURE: not one person ever asked “what pasture is Lizzie grazing?” It took 18 months of studying Agriculture and Agronomy for me to realise that pasture played such an important role in the horses ability to absorb and utilise essential minerals, including the now “fashionable calcium/magnesium supplements”.


My very first conversation with Calm Healthy Horses commenced with “what pasture is Lizzie on?” BINGO….

So people, what have I learned and wished I had known all those years ago and put into place with all our horses:

* feed a vitamin/mineral supplement regardless of what your horses diet is or their workload.

*identify what grass your horse is grazing and take appropriate action.

*Some horses are “Grass affected” so until you manage the grass you will not see improvements in behaviour or health.

*Potassium and crude protein/nitrogen levels in grass are as big an issue as sugar


*Grass affected horses require their current diet to be evaluated from a different perspective to normally functioning horses.

Lizzie is now the horse we always knew she wanted and tried so hard to be. Chilled/ rideable/ safe/ healthy. Unfortunately her nervous behaviour was the catalyst for my eldest daughter to give riding away and for the brave younger sibling; well she was taught how to ride a super sensitive mare which set her up for riding many more over the years.

She taught her how to ride a vertical rear, buck and shy. She should never have had to teach her any of these ‘skills’. There was never anything wrong with Lizzie. What was wrong was how we managed her…..


This is why I am now proudly involved with Calm Healthy Horses Australia. Contact me if you are having any issues health or behaviour wise and I will gladly assist'.

Kylie Berry, Drysdale Victoria

Photo shows Lizzie now - chilled!

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