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Is it really PSSM? Or Just Rock Solid Muscles?

Sharon’s 8 year old TB x Irish Draft horse ‘Rory’ was in trouble.

Sharon spent days extremely worried at how he was!

In fact hysterical was her description!

Here is the thread:


Hi, is Alleviate/SOS suitable for horses potentially with PSSM? X

FRI 1:23 PM

Calm Healthy Horses

Yes it is. What are the symptoms though Sharon? Also please give details of the horse’s current diet in the way of hay, hardfeed, and supplements to make sure we aren't doubling up, Jenny

Sharon FRI 6:23 PM

He is out on grass for approx 7 hours. It’s not massively lush but has a good covering. Then he has ad lib hay. Thunderbrooks healthy herbal chaff and a cupful of micronised linseed twice a day. He is being treated for ulcers.

Symptoms are: Reluctant to go forwards, just seems a bit "lazy". When I do get him going transitions into canter are hit’n’miss. More miss than hit.... He will trot faster and faster.

About a week ago he came in and his quarters were ‘rock solid’. Showing discomfort around his back/lumbar area. Seems to be spooky for no apparent reason. He had his vaccines which resulted in him parking his hind legs out for a number of days.....

Calm Healthy Horses

Hi Sharon These sound like classic 'grass-affected' symptoms. Have you used AlleviateC/SOS before? - these will really help the mineral imbalances associated with the rock solid muscles.

I recommend you contact Sue Dawson ( ) for some AlleviateC and feed it high dose - you will know within a couple of weeks> Also the more hay/less grass he has the better, Jenny (NZ)

Sharon SAT 9:44 PM

Thank you. I have some AlleviateC already. I will pop him on that but will speak to Sue also.

Calm Healthy Horses

You will need to get quite a lot in. For a week or so I would give her extra feeds during the day as per the back label. Keep me posted, Jenny

Sharon SUN 10:50 PM

I already had some AlleviateC/SOS so I started Rory on it Friday night. He was really sore and reactive all over his back.

He's had the full scoop split across 2 feeds. Half scoop Friday night, full scoop on Saturday across 2 feeds. Then half a scoop this morning. Just can't believe the difference in him!

Is it possible that it could've made a big difference from Friday night to today?

This morning he hardly flinched when I ran my fingers firmly along his saddle and lumbar area and his quarters seem much more relaxed! I’m def not imagining it!

Another thing – the Vet was saying it was a possible SI problem.... He always stood hind toes really turned out. Shifting weight from one to the other all the time. Now look!!!! Toes with natural angle towards outside...

Calm Healthy Horses

Yes - it can make a whopping difference! That is excellent, keep up the high amounts until he is normal and then slowly reduce, keep us posted!


Thanks for your help!

Love relaxed Rory! Xx

Many of the symptoms of PSSM are identical to those caused by mineral imbalances from unsuitable grass/forage and hardfeeds.

Naturally every horse is different and not all respond as well or as quickly as Rory but sometimes simple adjustments, in this case adding AllevaiteC/SOS, make a massive difference

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