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Calm Healthy Horses Product FAQs

The Calm Healthy Horses range of minerals, vitamins and amino acids are designed to work together to keep your horse calm healthy and sound. These are some of our most commonly asked questions about our product range. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


What is the general difference between cheaper supplements and the Calm Healthy Horses products?

Cheap supplements are made up of cheap ingredients which is old technology.

Now the true value of high quality ingredients is better understood for vitamins and minerals. Supplements contribute to optimal health and desirable behaviour.

Cheap supplements have only bare minimum levels, or omit completely, ingredients such as MSM (organic sulphur), Inositol, biotin and chromium.

Cheap supplements don't contain organic forms of minerals which can be many times more bio-available and useful to the horse, than inorganic forms.

We have anecdotal evidence of this many times over; science is usually five to ten years behind anecdotal evidence. Minerals such as selenium are much safer and less likely to cause toxicity when present in their organic form. Iron when present in its inorganic form interferes with the absorption of several other minerals. 

Demineralisation of the horse, especially the skeleton, is not something you see from the outside. Often the first sign is the onset of degenerative diseases before the horse is 20.

Everyone wants a calm, healthy horse that will give you many hours of safe riding and live a long, useful life. By feeding the best vitamin and minerals, you will find less need for joint/hoof and coat supplement. A blend of top quality, well balanced vitamins and minerals feeds the whole horse and you may find less need for other treatments. You will spend less time worrying and more time riding!

Aren’t liquid formulations absorbed better than powders?

Absolutely not, there is no difference in absorbability at all. The fact is that liquid formulations usually involve a compromise of ingredients because many of the best nutrients are not water-soluble so have to be left out.
They also mean you are paying for water which is heavy, to be freighted around.

Can horses be allergic to your Vits & Mins?

All the ingredients except the apple flavouring are naturally occurring nutrients which are necessary for life. There could be a remote possibility that a horse might be allergic to the apple.


What role does selenium play in the overall scheme of things?

Selenium is vital in conjunction with Vit E to prevent tying up in performance horses and contributes to muscle strength and stamina.

Selenium is also one of the major antioxidants (along with Vits A, C and E). Other products containing Selenium should not be fed at the same time as Premium New-Zealand-Horse Minerals or Premium MVA. Neither should fertiliser containing Selenised prills be applied to paddocks. If your paddocks have been dressed with selenium prills, you can use our Non-sel NZ Horse Minerals - this has no selenium added.

The next time you have a vet check, have the blood levels tested for Selenium (basic test only), then again 12 months later. You can compare the levels and check to see they are still normal.

Toxin Binders

"I’ve only just learned/made aware that feeding toxin binder and minerals together is not ideal due to toxin binders also binding minerals?"
The clay/charcoal binders such as Bentonite, Zeolite etc do do that, however ToxAll contains the ACVM approved toxin binder Mycofix which doesn’t bind other minerals.

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