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One Fix, Multiple Issues

One fix for multiple issues, including HS:

Jac Worden from Australia had a range of issues going on with her two horses – all relatively simply solved with some changes to their diet and management.

The story illustrates our message that, what appear on the surface to be ‘separate’ problems, are ultimately all the end result of unsuitable forage (that being too much green grass).

Another important point is that Jac kept touch and when her HS pony was having a bad day we could make further suggestions.


Since every situation/horse/property is different there is a need to Observe, Compare, Adjust & Review. That way you will get to know what suits best for you and your horse.

Thanks to Jac in Australia for permission to share:


Horse 2  

13.2hh pony ‘Adelle’ purchased last year.

She was over weight and I had a suspicion that she may be a head shaker.

Well this year in early Autumn this became very apparent – even in the paddock her chin would be quivering, flat, ‘aeroplane’ ears, flicks and obviously really uncomfortable.


I messaged you and again Alleviate Gold put the icing on the cake, I now have my pony back and am out riding her with no issues.

She now have can access to some grass 4hrs per day, native grass hay, beet , linseed, chaff, GrazeEzy , Supreme and Alleviate Gold (5gms -1 plastic spoon provided) once a day. I have no trouble getting the hay into her .

I don’t have a proper ‘dry lot’ (a suitable area with absolutely no grass ) to put them on so both still always have a greenish tinge in their night-time paddock but so far this doesn’t seem to be a problem'.


(NB for most horses this would be a problem, especially for the more extreme issues, laminitis and dangerous behaviours.)

Pics: Mitchell - now happily working again

Adelle - no more head-shaking


'This is just a brief Appreciation Message for your wonderful hard work on creating products that work!

Horse 2 

16.2hh WB ‘Mitchell’

I didn’t realise just how much grass affected him. He had been so difficult to ride , take out anywhere , tie up , suffered with separation anxiety, and was unable to concentrate in his dressage - the list goes on.

It wasn’t until our knowledgeable body worker Sam Penning pointed out how tight his muscles were and this was likely due to being grass affected that I contacted you.


We put him on Supreme Vit & Min (Australia), salt, GrazeEzy and Alleviate Gold (just 1 plastic spoon provided with product) in both the morning and night feed, as much hay as he could eat.

It is great quality native grass hay but he wasn’t a big fan and I was struggling to get him to eat enough so I also added a gut supplement to promote appetite and prevent ulcers.

He now can have access to grass 4 – 6 hours a day (maybe more depending on seasonal growth) white chaff, beet, lupins, linseed, Hygain True Gain (500gms per feed to add more fat), copra (funnily enough I thought he may have been reactive on copra but since on Alleviate Gold it’s not an issue).


Initially when I took him off grass he was tricky to feed but now he has adjusted and is going amazing!

This has been a huge learning curve, the Alleviate Gold plus your other products have just put the icing on the cake. I now have my beautiful horse back - I always knew he was still in there.

I should also mention that Mitchell has been very susceptible to potassium overload which caused him to get ‘Thumps’ and I had been struggling but this diet is working extremely well and there have been no more episodes of thumps!

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