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The Staggery Moon

Be aware there are THREE possible causes of ‘Staggers’

1. Mineral Imbalances – the most common

2. Mycotoxins - from Rye-grass or Paspalum

3. Wobbler Syndrome – should always be verified by X-Ray

It is generally thought that ‘staggers’ is caused by the Lolitrem B endophyte in Rye-grass over late summer/autumn. However a lot of horses exhibit the same symptoms as Moon in the video clip when there isn’t any rye-grass in their pasture or at other times of the year. In which case the cause is most likely to be imbalances to the minerals which run the nerves and the muscles, causing the spooky, hyper-sensitive reactions and weakness in the hind-quarters.

If Mineral Imbalances aren’t considered it is easy to think the horse must be a ‘Wobbler’. This is why the latter should always be verified by X-Ray to make sure they aren’t pts unnecessarily!

Thanks to Nicki for sharing her experience:

“I had only owned Moon, a 6 year old Standardbred, since just before Christmas and he was straight off the track.

His behaviour slowly changed and he became spooky, reactive and was stumbling over his own feet. (Video taken about 5th March)

He had been off the green grass for over a week on soaked hay, salt, oaten chaff & a toxin binder but was not getting any better.

I called my vet who did bloods and spent over an hour testing him on the ground. After sending videos to Massey vets he was diagnosed with ‘Wobblers Syndrome’ and I was told his outlook was not good. This was due to his behaviour becoming quite dangerous for both Moon and myself.

Calm Healthy Horses was recommended to me and Jenny kindly came out to visit Moon and gave me some supplements to put into his feeds 3 x a day. We gave him SOS and Alleviate Gold for his staggers/spooky issues and started him on Premium MVA for his general health because his coat had deteriorated.

I couldn’t believe the difference after 2-3 days! Moon was calmer and not at all reactive. I could even put a light cover on him again!

My poor horse was so deficient and the Calm Healthy Horse supplements made such a difference!

How can I ever thank you Jenny. You saved Moon’s life ”

Nicki, Christchurch, NZ

UPDATE march 28 2021

Hi Jenny
Moon is doing so well and I’m still feeding him your supplements once a day. On a little grass now and seems fine so far! Fingers crossed


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