Mineral Licks

Horses will only consume these to the point they satisfy their craving for salt or their ‘sweet tooth’ if it also contains molasses. Therefore they are an extremely unreliable means of supplying sufficient amounts of other essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, copper, chromium, selenium and all the Vitamins.


Why is it only one horse in the paddock that seems to be affected and not all of them?

For the same reason that only one person in a household becomes diabetic or gets depressed. Different physiologies, different history of exposure. Usually the other horses are affected in some way. Sometimes it takes longer to show up in some horses.

If my horse is turned out without work should I still feed them according to the Calm Healthy Horses Plan?

Yes. Often we hear about horses that have come back from being turned out without supplementation and they are very 'fresh' or 'out of control'.

This cause is due to mineral imbalances and possibly a mycotoxin overload which can take months to get back into balance again. Therefore, it's best not to allow this to happen by continuing the Calm Healthy Horses Plan regardless if they are not being ridden.