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Mineral Licks

Horses will only consume these to the point they satisfy their craving for salt or their ‘sweet tooth’ if it also contains molasses. Therefore they are an extremely unreliable means of supplying sufficient amounts of other essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, copper, chromium, selenium and all the Vitamins.


Why is it only one horse in the paddock that seems to be affected
and not all of them?

For the same reason that only one person in a household becomes diabetic or gets depressed. Different physiologies, different history of exposure. Usually the other horses are affected in some way. Sometimes it takes longer to show up in some horses.

If my horse is turned out without work should I still feed them
according to the Calm Healthy Horses Plan?

Yes. Often we hear about horses that have come back from being turned out without supplementation and they are very 'fresh' or 'out of control'.

This cause is due to mineral imbalances and possibly a mycotoxin overload which can take months to get back into balance again. Therefore, it's best not to allow this to happen by continuing the Calm Healthy Horses Plan regardless if they are not being ridden.

Why won't Premium MVA help with Grass Affectedness?

There are TWO different aspects to feeding Vitamins & Minerals...


In addition to providing coarse, fibrous material to feed the flora of the digestive tract, your horse depends on you to provide all his daily essential nutrients. This is because instead of travelling over vast areas for food and water, we confine them behind fences and all they need to do is drop their head!

For feral horses, forage is much sparser and not so readily available as that in the ‘picture’ in most horse owners minds! Their ‘more natural’ environment looks nothing like your green paddock/field and certainly doesn’t look like a lush meadow.

It is relatively easy to supply what the horse needs in a mineral supplement that you can mix into a simple feed along with their salt.

To be effective and therefore good value for money it needs to be knowledgeably formulated and include co-factors in the form of vitamins, amino acids and trace minerals.
Co-factors are ‘helper nutrients’ that facilitate biochemical reactions and are as important as the minerals themselves. For example if Vitamin D is lacking, calcium cannot be absorbed through the intestinal wall and into the blood stream.

This is the reason Premium NZ Horse Minerals, Supreme (in Australia) and Premium MVA are very comprehensive (broad spectrum). They take care of your horse’s overall health, his hair coat, hoof quality, immune system and longevity.

The second purpose requires different formulas:


Various metabolic pathways become disturbed when horses consume unsuitable forage & feed (mainly short, green grass & clovers).

These are all too evident when the horse develops EMS, Insulin Dysregulation, laminitis, HS, tight muscles, Sacro-iliac issues and problems with co-ordination and movement, respiratory, reproductive and digestive problems.

Since many of these issues are actually the result of EXCESSES (of potassium, nitrates & sugars) from short or lush green pasture, the best course of action is to severely limit their consumption and feed more hay instead.

Adding MORE GREEN plants (eg Lucerne, fresh herbs) isn’t advisable because they are even higher in the nutrients already disturbing the horse’s metabolism. For horses battling issues, any potential benefits are over-whelmed by the potassium and nitrate content.

GrazeEzy, AlleviateC/SOS and AlleviateGold are formulated based on our understanding of how grass physiology interacts with horse physiology.
This is an immense subject which is under-estimated and we are regularly presented with cases that have been completely and sometimes repeatedly misdiagnosed, resulting in unnecessary expense and stress for both horse and owner.

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