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When horses are ‘tight behind’, tail ‘clampy or swishy’, wanting to hollow out especially in transitions, bunny-hop or disunite at canter, resent or kick-out at the leg, before you spend too much money looking down all sorts of avenues, check out their current diet with us, it may well resolve with some dietary adjustments.

Hannah’s horse ‘Lewis’ had reached a point where he literally couldn’t canter on the right, and he would get so ‘bad’ changing in the hinds but not the front, bunny hopping etc.

Hannah asked us if this was due to ‘sacro-iliac’ issues?

Calm Healthy Horses: Hi Hannah, yes this IS a 'sacro-iliac' issue caused by the mineral imbalances from his diet, mainly the grass. Changes in the grass cause the ‘symptoms’ to come and go. It is just one of the many different ways horses become 'grass-affected'.

Hannah: "Can you try to explain that a little more? Is it that the sacro-illiac is damaged or it‘s movement is just affected by the imbalances? Sorry - just trying to learn as much as possible."

Calm Healthy Horses: Not physically damaged at all. Any disturbance to the 'chemistry' of nerve impulse transmission means the nerves and muscles cannot function as they should. When we make the diet adjustments to rectify the chemistry you will see normal movement again.

You need to seriously restrict or eliminate grass intake, take out all the Lucerne, feed salt (80gms/day) , Supreme Vit & Min (75gms per day) and high dose SOS (100-200gms per day).

Hannah: "Okay much clearer! Thank you I have ordered the SOS and Supreme today!" (July 31st 18)

Just two weeks later August 16th 2018

"Hi !

I would just like to say THANK YOU! So so so much. Lewis is back to his amazing self and I am so pleased I got in touch with your team.

We took him off the green grass, got the hay into him, used your SOS and Supreme products, and within two weeks he completed his first level 3 cross country clear in 3 years!


All pig rooting, bucks, disuniting, awkwardness is gone! A happy healthy horse!


To go clear through cross country over a tricky 80 course was really special to me and a goal of mine for so so long!
Perfect product

Thank you! I am so happy!

I just need to know if the Supreme and SOS are ok to use at Equestrian Australia/Victoria events or are cleared from the banned subs stances list?"

Calm Healthy Horses: Yes they are good to use

"Thanks so so much"

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