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Harry was a Head Flicker

"I'm more than happy for you to share my story. Without everyone else stories I would have passed off the CHH page as just another supplement.

Harry started developing symptoms back in June last year and went through a couple of months of vet, chiro, groundwork, and all the rest to try and identify the problem...."

This video shows Harry head flicking at the start and then once his diet was changed - out on the trail again!

"I've owned him for 10 years and he'd never displayed these sorts of issues so I knew it wasn't his normal behaviour. I was getting frustrated that I'd lost my safe and reliable riding horse that could possibly not be able to be safely ridden again. You can see in the above video clip how uncomfortable he was back then.

I think I found your CHH website in September and started him on the supplements not long after that. At the time he was agisted in a large 3 acre paddock where I wasn't able to control his grass intake at all.

In November 2020 I moved him to a new agistment facility where there was a good dry yard and really started to see improvement by December.

By January this year I was able to do a safe trail ride with a group of 50 other riders. He didn't put a foot wrong and we only had a couple of flicks. He was back to his safe calm personality. It was a bright, sunny day and the flies were biting him but he still cruised along.

Then that agistment closed down and, much to Harry's pleasure, I had to move him back to a grassed paddock.

Fortunately we've still been able to keep the headshaking under control. He will have days where we get a number of flicks but he's still been very manageable. I use Supreme Vit & Min (NZ equiv Premium MVA) for his overall health and the other supplements (GrazeEzy, SOS & Alleviate Gold) to best help him cope with the grass.

It'll be a lot of trial and error to get it right but I'm so happy to have him back".

Lisa Cregten, Australia

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