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Darcy & Monty

Ann was ‘having issues’ with both her horses…………..

"Approximately 2 months ago I purchased a new horse ‘Darcy’, a 14.2hh – Australian Riding Pony, untried as he was on the mainland (Australia) and travel was restricted.

He arrived quite tense, had red ‘goopy’ eyes and snorted at everything. I did ride him a couple of times and, although he was tense, he was well mannered.

On advice I added Lucerne to his ration (for top-line) and then couldn’t ride for two weeks because of the weather. I had introduced it slowly and only built up to about four double handfuls twice a day but when I did get a chance to ride he just exploded into a bucking fit when asked to walk off after mounting. (I am still recovering - gives you some idea how violent this episode was).

His specific issues were – very tense, bucking, tail clamping, upset going from sunlight to shadows, red eyes always oozing ‘goop’. A video of him being ridden by his previous owner showed uncontrolled head flicking.

This sent me on a mission to find the cause – enter Calm Healthy Horses.

I immediately took him off the Lucerne and put him on beet pulp, oaten chaff. To this I added SOS, Graze Ezy and Supreme Vitamins and Minerals and toxin binder. He was already getting salt and Magnesium oxide (stopped this when started with your products).

He also got hay (our own pasture which has good horse grasses).

There is still a little way to go but the improvement has been nothing short of phenomenal!

His diet consists of:

Pasture - almost completely native/brown top grass with a tiny bit of cocksfoot. No clover.

The grass length varies, some is quite long (fenced off last season) – green but not lush like a dairy pasture.

Oaten chaff, beet pulp, rice-bran oil and salt.

Now on 2 scoops day SOS (was 4 per day), 2 scoops Graze Ezy (was 4 per day) and Supreme Vitamins and Minerals.

My other horse Monty – (Arab) is on the same pasture.

He is in excellent condition and is a really lovely horse in so many ways except he was suffering from extreme separation anxiety and spookiness.

He was very reactive and would rub his nose on his front leg when being ridden. The wind really upset him.

After seeing the progress with Darcy I started adding SOS and Graze Ezy to Monty’s feed - just two scoops per day of each. He is much, much better!

I really appreciate your time and advice and may I say your web site is a life saver for both horses and riders. I will be forever grateful that I found it

Kind regards

Ann Kerr, Tasmania

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