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Bolting Boris


"I just wanted to say a big thank you -

I got back into riding after 15 years when I was given a "quiet" OTT thoroughbred.
He turned out to be a handful and would bolt, buck, spook nonstop and then bolt again.


You couldn't touch him with your legs and his tail would swish wildly while his eyes rolled back in his head. He would flip out when away from other horses and in the 3 years I had him I’ve tried herbs, magnesium supplements, acupuncture.. everything...

I thought I just had one of "those" thoroughbreds"!
He had a year off while I was wondering what to do with him. Even professional riders couldn't get through to him.

Then I stumbled across your site on facebook and did the test... we failed everything...
So I sent an e-mail to Vicky and on her advice put him on GrazeEzy and SOS.

I didn't have time to ride him initially but the farrier (who incidentally had broken his collar bone after Boris knocked him over in a separation anxiety flipout in the tie ups) noticed the difference in how quiet and relaxed he now was.

He has been an angel since I started riding him again and has not put a foot wrong! No spooking or bolting.. in fact I can barely get a canter he's so chilled!

I found his big trigger is lucurne hay. I ran out of meadow hay and gave him lucerne for a week and he was back to the ‘eyes rolling, bucking, sewing machine trot old bolting Boris!

That’s how I know lucerne does not work for him!


Thank you so much for your site and sharing your information and time. Thank you!! I love my new calm healthy horse... "

Amanda Sutherland (Australia)

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