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Most people would not take on a horse like ‘Cloud’!

They would consider it too challenging and too risky.

Cloud came from very dedicated people who spent a LOT of money and effort trying to get to the bottom of his ‘issues’. Note the variety of these he exhibited!

Our UK representative Sue was keen to take him on because the strategy was simple – manage him according to our CHH principles.

Changes to his lifestyle included being meticulous about his forage/diet, along with some tactful riding by Sue, and as you can see by the photos, have resulted in Cloud becoming the horse he was always meant to be!

Jenny and I met ‘Cloud’ when Jenny was in the UK May 2019 on one of our trips visiting horse owners.


Cloud’s owner had been struggling to find a solution to his ongoing issues. A couple of months later I got a desperate message asking if I knew of any good homes, his situation was unsustainable and the next option was PTS.


OK, I thought, he was a nice little horse, has had a full vet work up and no mechanical / structural issues were identified. 

So, in September 2019 Cloud arrived at my ‘track’. Since then Cloud has been happily integrated with my other 3 horses and has been off all green grass.


He is fed ad lib hay and the simple bucket we recommend with Premium MVA, salt and, depending on conditions AlleviateC, GrazeEzy and ShipShape.


I started working him regularly back in February this year and now he’s ridden several times a week, hacking, schooling and jumping. 
He’s proved to be a very nice horse and we are having loads of fun. 

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This is the write up that his previous owner provided me on arrival:

‘Cloud’ is a 6 year old Dutch Warm-blood (KWPN) gelding, whom I have owned since a 2 year old.

He has been diagnosed PSSM 2.

The symptoms started a couple of months after backing as a 4-year-old in March 2017. Intermittent napping, headshaking, hypersensitivity, small fat pads at base of tail, very tight hamstrings.

We thought it was due to a sluggish liver and treated him with L94. We started to restrict turnout and manage grass with a muzzle.

But by May 2018 he had developed foot sensitivity and the bouts of napping had increased in length and severity to the point of being dangerous.

Twitching and hypersensitivity, especially at the base of neck-wither. Unusual sweat pattern, only between legs and never on the neck.

Our Vet was consulted and he observed Cloud on the lunge and ridden. Cloud was unable to trot on a circle on the lunge. Under saddle, he was very anxious and started to nap and panic when asked to work correctly.

The layers of fat pads over his body were pointed out and subsequent tests by Vets diagnosed type 2 PSSM, negative re genetics test type 1.

Cloud’s latest vet consult was April 2019, at which time he was very twitchy and anxious about being ridden. On the lunge he was bending to the outside and his shoulder looked very ‘clicky’.

Over past 12 months (prior to going to Sue's in Sept 19) Cloud’s basic diet consisted of a high oil, low starch, gut mash and grass chop plus 40-50gm salt, GrazeEzy and Premium Minerals

We have also explored all these avenues:

Vitamin E high doses

Mycosorb toxin binder

Copper 365mg per day

Spot feeding of chelated magnesium (10gm) and calcium (30gm) when his muscles were tight

Mud turn out at least 18hrs per day

Corrective trimming for lateral hoof imbalance (causing lameness)

Two-week ulcer treatment – made him worse

Muscle relaxant – made him worse

Physio and body work

Liver biopsy – normal

Spinal scan – normal

Muscle biopsy – PSSM 2 diagnosed

Bloods were taken May 2018, Oct 2018, Nov 2018, Jan 19, April 19.

Cloud has never been exposed to ragwort or sycamore

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