Mini Ha HaPonies racing at Mini Ha Ha

Mini Ha Ha is fantastic rescue and rehabilitation centre for small ponies in North Canterbury run by Jennifer Heperi.
We first became involved with Jenni a couple of years ago when she was having problems with a pony she had rescued named Georgia...

'I broke both  my ankles and leg in a terrible horse riding accident returning to riding as a adult at the age of 50 so that’s 4 years ago !!!!

After I recovered I still  had the love for horses but knew I would never ride again and as I had always wanted a mini I bought my first one called Bindi…now I had a fear of horses big or small and as I knew nothing about minis I was in for a rude awakening.

Bindi decided one night to chase me , rear up and knock me to the ground as I hadn’t brought her some treats that night …first lesson 101- don’t spoil your mini !!!!! Anyway it scared me to death and she knew it so I re homed her  sadly but if I knew then what I know now she would never have done that in the first place.

I had paid for a paddock mate for her and couldn’t back out so Lochie arrived and here I was scared to death of a 11 month old colt and Heather at Farmlands told me aboutCalm Healthy Horses. I look back and think Jenny must have thought 'seriously you cant manage this little foal!' LOL….

That was the beginning of me getting to know Jenny Paterson from Calm Healthy Horses and from time to time I would call on her help with the minis………..then Georgia arrived and here we are 2 years down the track with the help of the amazing SOS product that truly saved Georgia and all the other minis that have come into my life with laminitis...



Little Georgia came to The Haven with a 1 day old foal at foot  on the 2nd May 2013.
 The the owner wasn’t expecting a foal and Georgia was at a friend’s place living in their orchard, so when we got the call about her and the foal we offered to take them into foster care as snow was predicated in the next couple of days.
Georgia became sick about 3 weeks after arriving at the Haven and had developed Laminitis… in those days I was just learning about all these sorts of challenges and unbeknown to us she was a laminitis sufferer before having her foal and was just locked up if she got sore.
So we had vet visit after vet visit trying to get her right as she would go up and down…..we would get her right and then she would crash time and time again.
It all came to a head after we weaned her foal at 7 months  -  things became very serious….. I remember the date clearly -  8th December 2013. Georgia crashed once again …….Our vet ran blood tests after blood tests and then she got a virus and just went from bad to worse.

We battled with Georgia and would get her right and she would go down again ……so on  Feb 2014 Jenny Paterson came to visit Georgia and we popped her on GrazeEzy and Salt which she took in very well and she picked up but her immune system was so severely low that again she went down after picking up.
She was a mystery to us all but she had the will to live and on 3 different occasions we had the vet booked to put our dear girl to sleep but she would dig deep and show signs of wanting to live, so we would nurse her through it and again she would crash .
Now she was on no grass at all but the mistake I was making was listening to too many people regarding her hard feeds SO long story short I was keeping her from becoming well feeding her laminitis approved hard feeds which because her immune system was so low she couldn’t cope with.
Moving forward and lots of trying all sorts of things we were and are so grateful that Jenny P asked us to try her new product AlleviateC SOS and hand on heart Georgia could not even take a step the night before we gave her SOS, GrazeEzy and salt x4 a day syringed via mouth and in fact we had decided we could no longer let her suffer.

Within 24 hours Georgia took steps, 48 hours she walked , and it kept improving, in 2 weeks she trotted, 3 weeks she cantered and now to this day she gallops!

Her diet is 2nd season old Hay, x2 hard feeds of chaff ( meadow low endophyte & Timothy & Black Oat chaff ) with Plain Salt from Farmlands, GrazeEzy. and SOS in Spring and Autumn and GrazeEzy and salt all year round.
She lives on a grass free track with 6 other rescue and respite care laminitis sufferers and is exercised twice daily; a big commitment but she is worth it.
Her journey has helped many many laminitic minis and ponies now live a pain free life following our recipe through Jenny’s Calm Healthy Horses wonderful products and a basic feeding programme.



This young man came to us this year after he had had a laminitis attack.
He was so sore and needed full time care - his owner badly needed to get some respite care for him.
Once we added Salt, GrazeEzy, SOS, ShapeUp and Premium NZ Horse Minerals to his diet and took him off grass his thick neck started to soften within 2 weeks and the sweating he experienced ceased.

He now joins the others in play and gallops happily around the track.

He was living on Dairy grass at the time of his laminitic attack.


Hetty had bounced from home to home before finally ending up sadly almost unable to walk and in need of proper nutrition and urgent hoof care! The hole had been dug for her when we arrived to pick her up.
Just look at her transformation...


Dear little Sushi was so sore when she was picked up that she could barely walk. Kept in a paddock on short green grass, she was laminitic and unhappy...

Sushi is now a valued member of the MiniHaHa herd and a very happy little pony...

All photographs Cathy Dee


Breeze was surrendered to the haven when her owner could no longer give her the care she needed.

Breeze arrived extremely malnourished and sick - in fact the vet did not expect her to survive. (see top pic)

Intensive care from Jenni Heperi and ProvideIt Minerals (Premium NZ Horse Minerals, SOS and ShapeUp -These were syringed in several times daily) have turned this wee cutey around and today she is as happy as pony can be.
We will photograph her again once she loses her winter woollies, we're betting there's a wee princess under all that clobber ;-)'

And when summer started...


Dan the Man was abandoned at a property in North Canterbury in late July 2015.

We picked him up with a halter and grab rope on as he was classed as a 'hard to catch' mini .
We immediately put Danny who we named as he had no name, onto GrazeEzy, SOS and salt and took him off grass.
As you can see he is now a picture of health.
Due to his chronic laminitis, he had slipper and twisted feet but is now well on the road to recovery who loves to be 'caught' just like any other happy mini !!!!!


Little Wilson is a normal grass eating mini, he has access to hay 24/7 but he is also able to eat grass.
He arrived at the Haven at the age of 11 months.


Honour was 5 months old when she came to Mini HaHa and we always have had to keep a eye on her……..over the three and a half years she gradually got a thicker neck so much so that we made the decision this Spring to take her off grass and pop her on salt, GrazeEzy, SOS and ShapeUp and her neck softened within 2 weeks !!!!!
She now lives on a paradise track with hay 24/7 and x2 chaff feeds a day.
See her in the photo at the top of the page racing in second place during their daily gallop around the track.


Princess is a laminitis sufferer who also has a wheeze if eating grass so she joined the Lammy herd not long after she was surrendered to the Haven this year.

She went straight on to the ProvideIt products and the wheeze went overnight. She is on a hay and chaff diet now and lives a happy life galloping around the track!
See top photo of her leading the herd.

Wilson photo bombed by legs ;-)


The care at MiniHaHa is exemplary.
Here a newly arrived mini's teeth are being rasped by equine dentist Julian Sparks.