Success StoriesSshrek and Vicky competing to win after diet changes.

We've helped many horses and their people through changes to the horses diet and the use of our ProvideIt range of Multi Minerals and Vitamins.

Diagnoses from various 'experts have ranged from a broken pelvis, to brain tumours, through to rider problems. All of them wrong.

Many people have spent a huge amount of money flitting from 'expert to 'expert' only to find that it has been all about the horses diet.

Depending on how long your horse has been in a state of mineral imbalance and how severe it is, it can take anything from overnight to a year to see huge changes.

We've seen chronic head flicking disappear, stiffness in movement give way to long flowing movement the owner has never seen in their horse before and, of course, the horses coats bloom into an incredible sheen and hoof quality go from very poor to rock hard.

The 'proof in the pudding' as it were, is in the stories, some of which we have featured below, that we constantly get from people who are over the moon at having their precious horse become healthy and calm - as all horses deserve to be.

Of course we are not saying that changes to the diet fixes everything and if you are having problems that could be life threatening to your horse, you should always get the vet!



Jane's story is particularly enlightening.


Amigo before changes to his diet

Read Jane's Story which has fantastic before and after theromograph images to show the extent of inflammation caused by the wrong diet!

Child's Pony Danger!

Millie after diet changes!

These people went through hell with their 14.3hh appaloosa.
Things went from bad to worse and they had got to the stage where they were hours off having him put down.

Read about the complete change in his behaviour when his diet was corrected and how it saved his life and gave this family their faith in the horse back.
To Hell & Back