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ProvideIt products are not 'fix-it' products.

We need to look at the whole picture of everything your horse is eating, including what kind of grass he is on, hay, hard feeds and supplements. The ProvideIt Range of supplements are made from the highest quality vitamins & minerals, many of them; where appropriate; in their organic, bio-available forms.

Hi Jenny,
I have been feeding "Ernie"  (photo right) your products since I got him as a 2 y/o. He has now just turned 5 and is looking amazing and has a very level head for a baby which I'm sure your products have a lot to do with!
- He won Debutante Park Hack of the Year at his first HOY..


Why Use ProvideIt Products?

  • They are formulated to feed the whole horse rather than just part of him. (like the hooves or the coat)
  • They are safe to feed to pregnant mares and ponies (or horses) with laminitis
  • They are part of a high fibre/minerally balanced, simple feeding regime, (the Key to Calm, Healthy Horses is to correctly feed the flora in the hind-gut)
  • If your horse is having problems follow the guidelines in Diet Changes
  • Whilst Alleviate, Alleviate C, Xtra Cal, Graze Ezy & Tox-Defy can be fed alongside any other brand of products, Premium New-Zealand-Horse Minerals need to be fed with plain feeds like beets, chaffs, oats and barley. Prepared feeds often contain some vitamins & minerals and you will end up missing out on some and doubling up on others.
  • They are made from the highest quality vitamins & minerals, many of them, where appropriate in their organic, bio-available forms. They contain some ingredients, such as organic iron, inositol and MSM which are not generally included in similar mixes but which make all the difference.
  • They do not contain any fillers
  • A Reward Card is available, make sure you get your Card stamped whenever you purchase.

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'Hi Jenny,

 I thought I’d take a minute to write a quick testimonial about my experience with your products!

 I’ve got a VERY grass affected TB gelding – he is the Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde type in spring especially but also at other times throughout the year depending on the weather.

A couple of years ago I tried your GrazeEzy but with very limited success. Then after trying literally every product that is out there (sometimes out of fear for my life J) I went to the feed store and bought GrazeEzy, ToxDefy, AlleviateC and your Premium Horse Minerals and gradually introduced them in Noisy’s feed. He already was on your recommended dose of salt anyway as well as unmolassed sugar beet, meadow chaff, copra meal and clover free hay.

 There’s only one word for the results I got – WOW! I have never had a quieter, calmer, happier horse – especially in spring! I was waiting for the day to come where he would just turn absolutely nuts overnight but this day never came! He’s looking great and I think he’s feeling great too!

 This goes to show that your products really are designed to be fed together and complement each other so well! I am a very happy horse-mum!

Thanks so much for making these amazing products so I don’t have to be scared of my horse anymore when he’s on the “grass-high”'.
Dorina Bochow-Palmer

For a gallery of before and after pictures that speak for themselves click here.
More testimomials from happy people

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Ultra-absorbable organic magnesium and boron.
Relieves anxiety for ease of handling for any times of stress:

  • Attending events or competitions
  • Standing starts at harness races
  • All aspects of race-day
  • Hunting, endurance and trekking
  • Being started (broken in)
  • Showing signs of muscle tightness, anxiety, excitability

More info & sizes

350gm NZ$51.70




Alleviate C contains the same dose of organic magnesium and boron as Alleviate with the addition of organic calcium.
(Non swabbable)

More info & sizes

400gm NZ$55.85




Graze Ezy has been formulated to help neutralise or 'buffer' imbalances in the grass. Organic chromium assists with metabolizing the sugars in the grass. Long term Graze Ezy will contribute significantly towards a longer useful life.

More info & sizes

2kg NZ $39.50



Premium NZ Horse MineralsPremium NZ Horse Minerals

The highest spec, most comprehensive blend of Vitamins & Minerals made in New-Zealand. Formulated especially to suit our NZ conditions, they are based on information gathered from conducting forage tests plus feedback from a growing number of happy horse owners achieving their desired result: calm, healthy horses with brilliant shiny coats.
More info & sizes ...

3kg refill NZ $88.50


Premium MVA

TWO products in one:
All the benefits of Premium NZ Horse Minerals plus amino acids;
the building blocks of protein.
More info & sizes ...



4kg Bag NZ $129.65






More info & sizes...

    1kg NZ $44.25



A blend of organic calcium with essential co-factors (magnesium, boron, phosphorous and Vit D) to ensure efficient absorption.
Essential feeding for Pregnant or lactating mares, growing youngsters and horses grazing oxalate grasses.

More info & sizes...

2kg Refill NZ $62.00


Whole-BaleHay SaverHay Saver

Designed to fit over a whole bale of hay, these are brilliant for stopping your horse from wasting all his hay by standing in it. It also slows his eating rate down as he has to tug the hay through the small net.


large - fits an entire bale NZ $48


More Info


Mastic GumHay Saver

Conventional ulcer treatments work by either suppressing or neutralizing stomach acids, neither of which are ideal because the horse needs these strong acids for the initial breakdown of fodder.

Mastic Gum works without affecting the production or effectiveness of stomach acids.


Mastic Gum
100gms NZD$94.99
inc GST & Freight


More Info


pH Strips
pH strip booklet

A small booklet of Litmus paper strips with comparison colours to read pH
Instructions and Progress Form included

You will find enclosed an optional "Collecting Data" Sheet with accompanying litmus paper so you can check your horse's urine pH (dip it in the puddle and compare the colour) and also check the pH of his drinking water.

pH Strip Booklet
NZ $8.50



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The ProvideIt range of products have been formulated to be used as supplements not ‘medicines’. However, if you have bought a product to fix a particular problem and you are still having trouble it is even more important to contact us by e-mail so we can discuss your feeding programme, (free of charge) to achieve your desired result. Our success rate is very high.