StarlightStarlight & Jenny

Bred by Jenny, Starlight is a beautiful black thoroughbred X quarter horse.

Starlight's problem with 'bad grass' manifested itself as frantic haring around the paddock for no particular reason (known as Tail Clamping).

We now know that this is a classic symptom of a high potassium diet.






She also showed Heat Stress - overheating easily, unable to wear a cover.

Her movement was diagnosed as having sacroilliac problems - she was disunited at the canter and stiff in her back legs.

When she was about to bolt off in the paddock, she became unaware of anyone standing in her way.

Starlight's Tail Clamping got so bad that she cleared a 7 wire high tensile fence one day and finally, as a three year old had a shocking accident inwhich she broke her cheek and smashed her sinusses.

star light showing dent in face
Showing the hollow next to eye on right side


The Treatment...

Starlight and Jenny

Once we realised what was causing the problem - IE the grass - and we removed her from it completely, all these symptoms disappeared and she has been a wonderful horse ever since.

It is interesting to note that if she does get out onto any young grass her attacks are triggered overnight. Once, after spending 2 hours on the 'wrong grass', it took two weeks of sporadic running off before she came right again.

She is a horse who is very succeptable to potassium imbalances.

Starlight Now

Starlight and Jenny
Starlight and Jenny showing very close bond.