ShipShapepersil grass affected!

A bio-available source of protein with a pre-biotic.

Formulated for horses who need to avoid potassium-rich protein meals.

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Formulated for horses who:

·         have had a nutritional setback

·         have difficulty maintaining top-line

·         have a workload that demands higher protein intake

·         are competing or racing

·         are breeding, pregnant, lactating or growing

·         are suffering age-related loss of muscle tone

·         need to avoid potassium-rich sources of protein

 ShipShape delivers ready to go 'amino acids' which are the building blocks of protein. Hence the improvement in overall musculature. 
When feed protein like Lucerne or soy-bean meals are fed the protein they contain has to be broken down into the individual amino acids before it can be utilised by the horse.

In ShipShape this part is not necessary, they are good to go! 
It has zero potassium (unlike Lucerne & soy which are potassium rich) so it is perfect for grass-affected horses.
Feed ShipShape to give your horse a boost if he lacks topline or has had a nutritional setback.

We have found it to be extremely beneficial for our Cushing's horses not to mention those in hard work, growing, pregnant or elderly to help maintain muscle.
Premium MVA (Minerals, Vitamins & Amino Acids) contains a maintenance dose, brilliant for performance horses!

Active Ingredients  

Highly Bio-available Amino Acids (protein)..…………………..65.56%

arginine, alanine, aspartic acid, cysteine, glutamic acid,

glycine, histadine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine,

phenylalanine, proline, serine, threonine, tyrosine, valine

Pre Biotic……………………16.45%


31 year old Persil tended to lose his top line each year coming in to Autumn.

This year I tried ShapeUp (ShipShape is the Australian version) the minute I started to see his topline dropping, and, well, you can see the result for yourself....


'My horse fractured her jaw almost a year ago and has a result has been struggling with weight and topline. 

These pics are 8 weeks apart. 
Her diet was not changed apart from adding Shape Up . 
I can't believe the difference! I highly recommend Shape Up!'

Old Smokey

'I'm really pleased with the old boy Smokey I rang you about in the spring when I got him and he had that laminitic episode.

Once he was over that, despite not being able to give him any fattening things like rice bran; just a little bit of copra, oat chaff and hay, thanks to seven months on Shape Up and Premium Minerals he looks amazing.
I've known him for over 10 years and he has never looked this good, and he's over 30 now. I'd never have believed I could have got that condition improvement with just minerals and no high calorie foods.
I'm just switching him on to Premium MVA now which I've had my old Tb and a young pony I can't fatten up on.

The old Tb is getting half the hard feed he was last year and he looks ten times better, so I'm sold on the MVA as a conditioner and for top-line etc.I took photos of the pony and Tb so will be interesting to take some more shortly'.

Louisa Andrew, Otago


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